Risen Energy expands Power Purchase Agreement with BHP to further cut Nickel West’s emissions

Risen Energy has expanded its 10-year renewable power purchase agreement (PPA) for their Merredin Solar Farm from 20MW to 50MW of electricity to BHP’s Nickel West operations. Commencing on 1st August, the additional 30MW will be directed to BHP Nickel West’s Kalgoorlie Smelter and reduce the smelters Scope 2 emissions by 30%. This follows the initial 20MW which will be directed to BHP Nickel West’s Kwinana Refinery and will cover up to 50% of its electricity use with solar power generated by Risen Energy’s Merredin Solar farm.

BHP Nickel West Asset President, Jessica Farrell said, “Increasing our offtake from 20 to 50 per cent from Risen’s Merredin solar farm will enable us to reduce our emissions from electricity use at the Kalgoorlie Nickel Smelter by 30 per cent. This is another example of the steps we are taking to reduce emissions across our operations – 30 per cent by 2030 and net zero by 2050. Sustainable low carbon nickel is essential for our battery and electric vehicle customers.”

Eric Lee, Risen Energy Australia’s Managing Director, said, “We appreciate the trust BHP Nickel West has placed in us and Merredin Solar Farm and we are grateful for the opportunity to further provide clean energy for their operations. This collaboration demonstrates Risen’s position as an industry-leading solar energy solutions provider and it is also a significant step for us as we work towards establishing more clean energy collaborations with reputable organisations committed to Australia’s efforts to decarbonise”.

Mr Lee added that Risen has a few projects in the pipeline and that the organisation is well on track to achieve their goal of being a leading developer in solar and battery energy storage solutions. As part of this goal and also their long-term goal of achieving ‘2GW’ in Australia, Risen has been developing and improving their in-house expertise to respond to the evolving needs of the market and improvements in technology, especially in relation to hybrid solar and BESS projects.

Development Application notification – 59 Hillary Street, North Wagga Wagga

The proposed small-scale solar farm development site is to be located within 59 Hillary Street, North Wagga Wagga in NSW.

The site is approximately 3.5 km from the Wagga Wagga town centre as designated in the below map.

The proposed footprint of the small-scale solar farm is shown below in green which is approximately 17 hectares.

Construction is currently scheduled to begin around mid-2022 with a timeframe of around 10 to 12 months.

The project will support approximately 30 direct jobs during the construction phase and one full-time equivalent position during operation and maintenance over a 30-year lifetime.

The employment benefits extend through the local supply chains to fuel suppliers, vehicle servicing operators, uniform suppliers, hotels/motels, bed and breakfasts, cafes, pubs, catering and cleaning companies, tool and equipment suppliers and tradespersons within the area.

For further information, please contact Sabina Scharfe on 0448 147 447 or email sabina.scharfe@risenenergy.com.

For media enquires please contact Colin Chua, Marketing and Communications Manager on 0413 545 986 or email colin.chua@risenenergy.com.

Risen launches highly anticipated Titan Series at Smart Energy Conference

Risen Energy Australia (Risen) has this week launched its Titan Series high performance solar panels for the residential and commercial markets at the Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition 2021 in Sydney.

Incorporating the latest 210mm cell technology, the Titan S panel enables greater efficiency through a 390/400Wp power class range which is higher than the residential mainstream 370W panel currently offered in the Australian market.

Also launched were the Titan 550Wp and 600Wp models for the commercial and large scale/utility market which features power improvement, cost reduction, improved reliability and Levelised Cost of Energy reduction.

General Manager, Eric Lee, said he was proud to announce the addition of the Titan Series range to Risen’s product lineup for the benefit of Australian consumers.”

“The new Titan S panel was developed with greater efficiency resulting in fewer panels required for installation which in turn lowers a system’s overall cost,” said Mr Lee.

“For a standard 6.6kW system the number of panels required is reduced from 18 (at 370W) to 17 pieces (at 390W).

“Titan’s compact dimensions are ideal for rooftop applications and have high compatibility with mainstream inverters.

“These panels have been extensively tested to Australian conditions and are backed by a 15 year warranty for rooftop applications.

“Risen is proud to have developed a new generation of panels producing higher outputs and we hope to increase consumer uptake through this innovate product.”

Titan Series panels will be available from authorised distributors from June 2021.


For further information visit www.risenenergy.com.au/products/titan/.

CONTACT: Colin Chua, Marketing and Communications Manager on 0413 545 986 or email colin.chua@risenenergy.com.

Risen, GoodWe and One Stop Warehouse contribute to WA animal shelter

Risen Energy Australia (Risen) has teamed up with valued partners GoodWe and One Stop Warehouse to supply a solar panel system to Saving Animals from Euthanasia (SAFE), a not-for-profit animal rescue organisation in Karratha, Western Australia.

Recognising the impact COVID-19 had on communities and businesses, a joint donation campaign was organised late last year to nominate a business that would benefit from solar energy.

The companies selected SAFE, nominated by Cheeditha Energy, as the donation recipient as they were attracted to the organisation’s mission, in particular their work in assisting individuals find companionship by connecting them with a pet. SAFE’s work has proven important especially during COVID-19, as Australians had to endure feelings of isolation, and significant mental and emotional distress due to the pandemic.

As part of the project, which was completed late April, Risen donated 36 Jaeger 370W panels, GoodWe donated a GW10KT-DT three-phase inverter and One Stop Warehouse coordinated the campaign with installation performed by Cheeditha Energy.

SAFE’s Founder, Sue Hedley OAM, said that the significant cost savings due to the installation of a solar system will allow them to carry on saving the lives of animals and humans alike.


“It’s hard to find big enough words to get across the gratitude SAFE has to Risen, One Stop Warehouse, GoodWe and Cheeditha Energy for their generous support to a struggling animal rescue service,” said Ms Hedley. “The amount of money that will be saved using solar powered energy in a place where the sun is constantly shining is exponential.”

Eric Lee, General Manager of Risen Energy Australia said it was important to work together and achieve good outcomes for local organisations such as SAFE because the work they do for the community deserves rewarding.

“Risen Energy Australia is proud to work with professionals like GoodWe, One Stop Warehouse and Cheeditha Energy to deliver projects for the community’s benefit and we hope to identify further organisations to similarly support in the future,” said Mr Lee.

CEO of Cheeditha Energy, Brigette McDowell also expressed her gratitude and added, “on behalf of the Karratha community, we would like to share our deep gratitude to Risen, One Stop Warehouse and Goodwe for their donation and coordination of a 10kW solar system. SAFE will see a dramatic decrease in power bills, money that will now go towards furthering their incredible cause.”

Dean Williamson, Country Manager of GoodWe Australia mentioned that it was nice to see that other organisations were also willing to step up and that for GoodWe, giving back to the Australian community in 2021 is a priority. He added, “we acknowledge the devastating impact of COVID-19 on both businesses and individuals and feel a deep responsibility to do a small part to help address this.”

Andy Cheng, Head of Product and Marketing at One Stop Warehouse said, “we are proud to stand together with our partners who believe in making a positive difference during these uncertain, ever-changing times.” Mr Cheng added that he hopes more companies in the solar industry will come together and deliver similar initiatives.

To find out how you can support the good work SAFE does, please visit: https://safe.org.au/help-us-out/


CONTACT: Colin Chua, Marketing and Communications Manager on 0413 545 986 or email colin.chua@risenenergy.com.

Green Gold Energy and Risen Energy Australia signs 100MW Solar Project Development

Green Gold Energy (GGE) and Risen Energy Australia (REA) executed an agreement to jointly develop and construct 16 solar projects of approximately 4.95MW AC each in Australia within the next two years so the total project capacity will be 80MW AC and 100MW DC. Currently six of 4.95MW projects in Stage 1 are in settlement phase.

After the completion of the development plan for the project, it will produce at least 180GWh of emission-free, clean renewable energy annually which can supply power to 25,000 households and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 140,000 tonnes. At the same time, the construction of the project will create 400 new jobs for local residents and drive the economic development.

During the construction of solar power stations, GGE team will not only create electricity for local residents, but also contribute to creating a better living environment which will be an important mission of GGE. In the past four years, GGE has focused and delved into the land expansion for the new energy project, power grid analysis and construction, and has played a role from scratch for its business partners in Australia. GGE plans to reach its near-term target of 500MW in the next three years. The project sites manly locate in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Risen Energy Co., Ltd. established in 1986 with a registered capital of 0.9 billion RMB and its listing code is 300118 on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Risen Energy’s turnover in 2019 is 14.4 billion Yuan (Chinese RMB) and ranked China’s top six photovoltaic module suppliers. Risen Energy’s company development philosophy is to continuously optimise the energy structure and improve the quality of human life through technology innovation. Risen Energy (Australia) Pty Ltd, the subsidiary company of Risen Energy Co., Ltd. has developed and invested in two 100MW projects in Australia in the past three years which are 120MW Yarranlea Solar Farm in Queensland and 132MW Merredin Solar Farm in Western Australia. REA plans to develop and invest in 2GW renewable energy projects in Australia in the future.

When choosing GGE as the development partner, Risen Energy also mentioned that this cooperation plays an important role in achieving its 2GW strategic goal in Australia. At the same time, its asset has been flexibly configured for large and small projects and also considered that both companies have high standard on the quality of the project and its environment and social value. Therefore, cooperation will be a good opportunity. We look forward to a win-win result for both companies.

CONTACT: Colin Chua, Marketing and Communications Manager on 0413 545 986 or email colin.chua@risenenergy.com.

Risen Energy signs renewable PPA with BHP’s Nickel West

Risen Energy (Australia) has signed a renewable power purchase agreement (PPA) with BHP for their Merredin Solar Farm to supply up to 50 per cent of electricity needs at BHP’s Nickel West Kwinana refinery.

The bundled PPA with BHP will run for ten years from 1 February 2021, with an option for further extension. The agreement will help BHP reduce emissions from electricity use at the refinery by up to 50 per cent by 2024, based on FY2020 levels. This will effectively displace an estimated 364,000 tonnes of CO2e between 2021 and 2031. This is the equivalent of removing 11,200 combustion engine cars from WA’s roads every year.

This is the first renewable energy PPA signed by BHP in WA and follows renewable PPAs covering BHP’s operations in Queensland in 2020 and in Chile in 2019.  The contract will contribute to BHP’s medium-term, science-based target to reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions by 30 per cent by 2030. The competitively-priced clean power will be supplied from Risen Energy’s 132 MWdc Merredin Solar Farm, West Australia’s largest completed solar installation which has an output of 274GWh of electricity annually.

As owners of the Merredin Solar Farm, Risen Energy (Australia) progressed the project from funding, detailed engineering design, through construction, commissioning and operation.

“Risen Energy is very proud to sign this renewable PPA with BHP’s Nickel West. This agreement will bolster current and future Western Australian renewable projects.  We look forward to welcoming many more clean energy partnerships to power manufacturing, minerals processing and other Western Australian industries,” said John Zhong, Vice General Manager, Risen Energy (Australia).

BHP Nickel West, Asset President, Eddy Haegel said: “This contract will further increase the sustainability of the nickel produced by Nickel West. It will reduce the refinery’s electricity emissions by 50 per cent, diversify our energy supply, and reduce the refinery’s electricity bill by up to 20 per cent.

“Nickel is a future-facing commodity, and sustainable nickel production is essential to meet future demand. This contract, the sulphide nature of our nickel deposits, and our integrated value chain increases our position as one of the least carbon intensive nickel miners in the world,” said Haegel.

Western Australian Minister for Mines and Petroleum, Energy, Bill Johnston said: “Congratulations to everyone at BHP Nickel West for taking this important step forward to reduce their operation’s carbon footprint.”

“BHP’s Kwinana nickel refinery is a key contributor to WA’s future battery industry, and is helping global efforts to decarbonise. The McGowan Government is supportive of mining and resources companies that embrace clean energy solutions,” said Johnston.

“The strength of our team brought this deal together including the dedicated work from Archie Chen, CFO, Risen Energy (Australia), Nomad Energy (specialised consultant) and Herbert Smith, Freehills. They worked hard to bring this opportunity to fruition by being very commercial, pragmatic and committed, establishing Risen Energy as a trustworthy partner to work with” said Zhong.

“We are steadily growing our solar projects and solar module supply businesses in Australia, and we see a bright future ahead as Australia continues to expand its renewable energy market,” explained Zhong. “Risen Energy has a long term plan to be a major independent renewable power producer within Australia.   The Merredin Solar Farm in Western Australia and the Yarranlea Solar Farm in Queensland are the first two steps in us achieving our goal to deliver 2GW of clean energy to Australia”, said Zhong.

Australia’s largest rooftop solar Power Price Agreement (PPA) installation has been completed

The installation of 1,876 Risen Energy panels for Blacktown City Council by leading commercial solar installer, Solar Professionals, has been completed. This project is Australia’s largest rooftop solar Power Price Agreement (PPA) installation and also the first of its kind for local government in Australia, whereby the system is paid, installed and operated by a single solar provider.

The 707kW project was completed on Friday 9th October and is across 16 sites, including leisure and aquatic centres, libraries, childcare and community centres. This project will contribute to the reduction of Blacktown City Council’s electricity use by nearly 3% per year, and their power bill by $170,000 per year.

Blacktown City Mayor Tony Bleasdale OAM mentioned that the Council acknowledges that Australia is in a state of climate emergency and that they are committed to a target of 100% renewable electricity for Council operations by 2025.

He recognised the importance of going solar and added, “Doubling our solar generation capacity will contribute greatly to meeting that target by increasing our use of solar electricity and reducing emissions.”

Risen Energy (Australia)’s General Manager, Eric Lee said that Risen is thrilled to supply their high technology panels to this initiative and that he has full confidence in the reliability of Risen panels. He added, “Risen is heartened that our panels will play a part in supporting the council in achieving their target of 100% renewable energy for Council operations by 2025, as this is also in line with our vision of a 100% green future”.

Solar Professionals Managing Director Daniel Kimber said, “This is a significant project for both Solar Professionals and Blacktown City Council, and we were excited to partner with Risen Energy to deliver Council’s 700kW solar installation”. He added that Risen panels were a great choice for this initiative and that the economic and environmental benefits of this landmark solar project will benefit Blacktown City Council for years to come.

A solid team effort to reach a significant milestone- 82MW export to the grid

Risen Energy (Australia) has worked collaboratively with Ergon, AEMO and consultants EPEC and Yurika and to achieve approval of 82MW export limit for Yarranlea Solar Farm from 2 October 2020. This staged transition to full output has ensured that the network is stable as this is relatively new technology to the Darling Downs area. This commissioning regime has also ensured that there is minimal potential for disruptions to stable power supplies to the community. As a result of this successful approach, the farm is now delivering enough clean, renewable electricity to power up to 26,500 homes.

Risen will continue to work with Ergon and AEMO and aim for the release from Hold Point 4 Testing in Q4 2020, which will complete the smooth transition to full output for the solar farm.

John Zhong, Vice General Manager of Risen Energy (Australia), has attributed Risen’s success to streamlined communication, teamwork and cooperation amongst all parties involved in this project. He was appreciative of the contribution of Risen’s stakeholders in the project and added, “we thank our stakeholders who have helped us achieve this major milestone, especially Ergon Energy, AEMO, our consultants EPEC and Yurika”.

Mr Zhong added that he is excited to partner up with existing stakeholders on a range of exciting opportunities and that these strategic collaborations will be key to Risen’s goal of 2GW pipeline of renewable projects.


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Risen Energy’s Merredin Solar Farm Is Exporting 100% Capacity To The Grid

Risen Energy (Australia)’s 132MWdc Merredin Solar Farm is connected to the grid, generating 100% capacity straight into the Western Australian network. Merredin Solar Farm is West Australia’s largest completed solar installation and has an expected output of 274GWh of electricity annually, generating enough green energy to power approximately 42,000 Western Australian homes.

The Solar Farm is located on 460ha of former farming and grazing country adjacent to the Western Power Merredin Terminal and will connect to this facility at 220kV. Risen worked closely with network service provider, Western Power and AEMO through the staged live commissioning process and the solar farm is now exporting 100% capacity output, compatible with Western Power’s grid requirements.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Western Power and their smooth coordination with AEMO has enabled us to reach this milestone of achieving a fully operational solar facility which will supply green power.” said Eric Lee, General Manager of Risen Energy (Australia).

Fastest build of a large-scale solar facility and the importance of good stakeholder relations 

Merredin Solar Farm is one of the fastest builds of a large-scale solar farm seen yet.
Due to the close collaboration between WA’s Monford Group and Risen, mechanical completion of the Merredin Solar Farm was achieved in just 3 months. Risen’s large capacity to resource the project meant that they had all materials and resources on site at one given time, allowing it to be put together quickly and without delay.

Ciaran Shannon, General Manager of Monford acknowledged the good working relations between both companies and added that Monford “welcomes the opportunity to deliver further landmark renewable energy projects and support Risen’s commendable goal to deliver 2GW of clean energy to Australia”.

Mr Lee added that Risen’s EPCM team has continued this successful approach on future projects with several tier 1 and tier 2 construction companies, signalling that Risen is on track towards achieving their 2GW goal.

Merredin Solar Farm

As owners of the Merredin Solar Farm project, Risen Energy (Australia) progressed the project from detailed engineering design, through construction, commissioning and operation. The 132 MWdc solar farm consists of 354,452 Risen Energy panels mounted on a single axis tracking system and generates and delivers clean, renewable electricity into the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) making a major contribution to Western Australia’s greenhouse gas reductions.