Australia’s largest rooftop solar Power Price Agreement (PPA) installation has been completed

The installation of 1,876 Risen Energy panels for Blacktown City Council by leading commercial solar installer, Solar Professionals, has been completed. This project is Australia’s largest rooftop solar Power Price Agreement (PPA) installation and also the first of its kind for local government in Australia, whereby the system is paid, installed and operated by a single solar provider.

The 707kW project was completed on Friday 9th October and is across 16 sites, including leisure and aquatic centres, libraries, childcare and community centres. This project will contribute to the reduction of Blacktown City Council’s electricity use by nearly 3% per year, and their power bill by $170,000 per year.

Blacktown City Mayor Tony Bleasdale OAM mentioned that the Council acknowledges that Australia is in a state of climate emergency and that they are committed to a target of 100% renewable electricity for Council operations by 2025.

He recognised the importance of going solar and added, “Doubling our solar generation capacity will contribute greatly to meeting that target by increasing our use of solar electricity and reducing emissions.”

Risen Energy (Australia)’s General Manager, Eric Lee said that Risen is thrilled to supply their high technology panels to this initiative and that he has full confidence in the reliability of Risen panels. He added, “Risen is heartened that our panels will play a part in supporting the council in achieving their target of 100% renewable energy for Council operations by 2025, as this is also in line with our vision of a 100% green future”.

Solar Professionals Managing Director Daniel Kimber said, “This is a significant project for both Solar Professionals and Blacktown City Council, and we were excited to partner with Risen Energy to deliver Council’s 700kW solar installation”. He added that Risen panels were a great choice for this initiative and that the economic and environmental benefits of this landmark solar project will benefit Blacktown City Council for years to come.

A solid team effort to reach a significant milestone- 82MW export to the grid

Risen Energy (Australia) has worked collaboratively with Ergon, AEMO and consultants EPEC and Yurika and to achieve approval of 82MW export limit for Yarranlea Solar Farm from 2 October 2020. This staged transition to full output has ensured that the network is stable as this is relatively new technology to the Darling Downs area. This commissioning regime has also ensured that there is minimal potential for disruptions to stable power supplies to the community. As a result of this successful approach, the farm is now delivering enough clean, renewable electricity to power up to 26,500 homes.

Risen will continue to work with Ergon and AEMO and aim for the release from Hold Point 4 Testing in Q4 2020, which will complete the smooth transition to full output for the solar farm.

John Zhong, Vice General Manager of Risen Energy (Australia), has attributed Risen’s success to streamlined communication, teamwork and cooperation amongst all parties involved in this project. He was appreciative of the contribution of Risen’s stakeholders in the project and added, “we thank our stakeholders who have helped us achieve this major milestone, especially Ergon Energy, AEMO, our consultants EPEC and Yurika”.

Mr Zhong added that he is excited to partner up with existing stakeholders on a range of exciting opportunities and that these strategic collaborations will be key to Risen’s goal of 2GW pipeline of renewable projects.


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Risen Energy’s Merredin Solar Farm Is Exporting 100% Capacity To The Grid

Risen Energy (Australia)’s 132MWdc Merredin Solar Farm is connected to the grid, generating 100% capacity straight into the Western Australian network. Merredin Solar Farm is West Australia’s largest completed solar installation and has an expected output of 274GWh of electricity annually, generating enough green energy to power approximately 42,000 Western Australian homes.

The Solar Farm is located on 460ha of former farming and grazing country adjacent to the Western Power Merredin Terminal and will connect to this facility at 220kV. Risen worked closely with network service provider, Western Power and AEMO through the staged live commissioning process and the solar farm is now exporting 100% capacity output, compatible with Western Power’s grid requirements.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Western Power and their smooth coordination with AEMO has enabled us to reach this milestone of achieving a fully operational solar facility which will supply green power.” said Eric Lee, General Manager of Risen Energy (Australia).

Fastest build of a large-scale solar facility and the importance of good stakeholder relations 

Merredin Solar Farm is one of the fastest builds of a large-scale solar farm seen yet.
Due to the close collaboration between WA’s Monford Group and Risen, mechanical completion of the Merredin Solar Farm was achieved in just 3 months. Risen’s large capacity to resource the project meant that they had all materials and resources on site at one given time, allowing it to be put together quickly and without delay.

Ciaran Shannon, General Manager of Monford acknowledged the good working relations between both companies and added that Monford “welcomes the opportunity to deliver further landmark renewable energy projects and support Risen’s commendable goal to deliver 2GW of clean energy to Australia”.

Mr Lee added that Risen’s EPCM team has continued this successful approach on future projects with several tier 1 and tier 2 construction companies, signalling that Risen is on track towards achieving their 2GW goal.

Merredin Solar Farm

As owners of the Merredin Solar Farm project, Risen Energy (Australia) progressed the project from detailed engineering design, through construction, commissioning and operation. The 132 MWdc solar farm consists of 354,452 Risen Energy panels mounted on a single axis tracking system and generates and delivers clean, renewable electricity into the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) making a major contribution to Western Australia’s greenhouse gas reductions.

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Bigger, better and more powerful: large wafers and HJT combine

The PV module technology landscape has an unavoidable feature in 2020: bigger modules with higher power output. But do bigger modules based on standard cell technologies really deliver? We are partnering with pv magazine Australia to examine what innovation looks like from the wafer, right through to the cell and a module – to investigate why 210mm wafers and the next-generation of heterojunction can cut through on cost and performance.

Register here:

Read more here:

Risen Energy (Australia) has signed a 150MW distribution agreement, its largest

For the second year in a row, Risen Energy (Australia) has signed its largest distribution agreement with One Stop Warehouse, Australia’s largest solar distributor. Pursuant to this agreement, One Stop Warehouse will have exclusive rights to sell Risen’s 370W 132-Cell MONO PERC Half Cut Jaegar module to the Australian Distribution Market, and will subsequently have first rights to sell Risen’s Titan 210mm cell series module for rooftop application. This is an upgrade from last year’s 100MW deal between the two companies and will be valid from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021.

To commemorate this significant event, Risen Energy (AU), represented by their General Manager, Eric Lee and One Stop Warehouse, represented by their Head of Procurement and Marketing, Andy Cheng, participated in a virtual signing ceremony on Monday the 22nd of June.

The two companies possess strong partnership ties and, in a speech given during the event, Mr Lee mentioned that there is “mutual respect and trust’’ and that Risen will “continue to provide One Stop Warehouse with high technology products and support them in their sales efforts”. He also expressed Risen’s excitement in being a part of Australia’s thriving rooftop sector and their desire to support the Australian transition into a greener future.

In his speech, Mr Cheng added that he is “delighted to see Risen’s growth as one of the most popular brands in the Australian market” and that for him it is “exciting to work with such an accomplished supplier”.

Risen’s goal is to become the leading panel provider in the Australian rooftop sector. Their high-performance Titan series modules will be available in the Australian market in early 2021.


Risen Energy contributes their 400W Jaegar panels to aid bushfire relief efforts

Risen Energy (Australia) will supply solar panels to communities affected by the deadly Australian bushfires, as part of an agreement with pre-fabricated solar technology company, 5B. The announcement follows Risen’s earlier contribution of their 400W Jaegar Plus series panels which assisted in an initial display and test site established by 5B. As part of this initiative, solar and battery solutions will be deployed by 5B in various communities across Australia alongside the Resilient Energy Collective.

Risen Energy (Australia) mentioned that they were eager to partner up with 5B to do their part for this campaign as it is in line with Risen’s intention to become more involved in local Australian communities. This will also increase awareness of the benefits of green energy systems in Australia. General Manager of Risen Energy (Australia), Eric Lee added, ‘we are excited to team up with 5B, a forward-thinking Australian organisation, for this noble cause. 5B’s mission of delivering world-class technology to ensure clean energy is affordable and accessible, ties in with Risen Energy’s vision of a green future’. Mr Lee added that Risen were intrigued by 5B’s pre-built, re-deployable solar array MAVERICK system and felt that Risen’s high technology panels would be well-suited to this innovative system.

Rhett Evans, Chief Technology Officer at 5B, echoed Risen’s suitability to this project and added, “Risen has been a great partner on the bushfire relief project. They were able to respond rapidly and decisively with local stock and local support. Risen’s product range and build quality is a great match to our prefabricated array systems and they have a committed and growing presence in the Australian market.”

Risen’s Jaeger plus series were launched in the Australian market in 2019 and are the first range of panels featuring 9 bus bars, 158.75 mm wafers, half cut cells. Their 400W high efficiency panels offer high output which ensure the MAVERICK system is power intensive and can offer multiple end user solutions to communities affected by bushfire or floods.

The Jaeger plus series panels have had huge success both in utility and rooftop applications. Risen has also announced that they will be releasing two new panels in the market in 2020, their heterojunction (HJT) panels and 500 Wp+ PV modules made with large, 210 mm M12 wafers.

Risen Energy’s Merredin Solar Farm is powering on

Risen Energy’s 132 MWdc Merredin Solar Farm has completed all pre-commissioning testing on major plant and equipment and is now in the stages of starting the commissioning process. Western Power and Merredin Solar Farm are doing functionality checks and getting ready for the first back energisation to start the live commissioning process.

After all functions are checked and confirmed, Merredin Solar Farm will start exporting into the grid in four stages – Stage 1 will be at 20% capacity, Stage 2 will be at 50% capacity, Stage 3 will be at 80% capacity and Stage 4 at 100% capacity. This will happen over a pre-determined time as controlled by the Network Service Provider, Western Power.

On site, staff and contractors are undergoing rectification and adjustment works according to discoveries made during the QA process. The operations building has been installed on site and Risen are demobilising the temporary construction site offices and amenities.

Re-planning the resources and tasks to be completed on all work on site is being conducted within the current work guidelines to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all involved. Due to the COVID-19 situation, Risen has adapted their operations and business. They have taken extra care to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for their employees and external stakeholders.

Notice on COVID-19

In these uncertain times, we believe in maintaining “life as per normal” as much as humanly possible. Risen Energy (Australia) has been monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 situation and we are continually adapting our operations and business.

The health and safety of our employees and external stakeholders are of utmost importance to us and we have taken extra care to ensure we maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Additionally, we are big advocates of “self-management”. We have encouraged our staff to manage any potential symptoms and to ensure proper care is taken to stay healthy and safe.

Over the past few weeks, we have taken various precautionary measures:

  • We have implemented a strict no-attendance policy for any staff who displays any symptoms of the virus
  • We have disseminated face masks and disinfectant wipes/sprays to staff in our 2 offices and 2 sites
  • We have encouraged the adjustment of seating where staff are required to be at least 1.5 metres working distance from one another
  • We have suspended interstate travels until further notice
  • We have encouraged social distancing by minimising face-to-face meetings with customers and instead recommend using online means
  • We are encouraging staff to work from home from the 23rd of March until the 31st of March (or until further notice)

Rest assured that Risen Energy (Australia) is diligently monitoring advisories from the Australian government and we will take further actions as and when they are necessary. We would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and we will continue to work alongside you despite these challenging times.

Stay safe.